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Latest Firmware Galaxy A50 SM-A505F android Pie 9.0 One UI Download and Installation guide

Hello guys, If you want to download the latest updates of firmware to your Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505F), and with unlimited speed without paying a penny.. so you are in the right place, which you can flash your Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505F) with the newest official firmware with ease.

Download the Official and latest firmware for Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505F), check the link below.

 What Is Firmware Exactly ?

Firmware is the software of your cell phone that operate the system, it responsible for running the Games, Apps and the function of the whole system.

when we need to install the firmware ? this question has a wide range of answer, but we can summary the answer in the next points :

-Mainly, Updating to next android generation.

-When the device is out of date.

-when the device is lagging.

-when the device is out of storage.

-when you lost the Network by  installing the wrong Firmware on your device. (But this not work by Stock Rom this done by Combination Rom)

● Firmware details  

Device Name
Model No.
Samsung Galaxy A50
Android Pie 9

Before downloading the firmware, please make sure that your mobile model is exactly the same as SM-A505F.

● Required files, data and download

•  USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy A50 « Link »

•  Firmware file for Samsung Galaxy A50 model SM-A505F region India «Link1» «Link2» «Link3»

•  Odin software latest version « Link »

● How to Install Samsung Galaxy A50 firmware correctly (step-by-step)


Step-1: After downloading the correct firmware form the likes above, charge the cell phone at least 30%.
Step-2: Make sure that you have installed Samsung USB drivers (How to install Samsung USB Drivers)
Step-3: Download Odin (Software that will be used to install the firmware)
Step-4: Extract The .ZIP file you have downloaded before, after extraction you will find a file with format .tar.md5 as the img below.

Step-5: Extract Odin that you have downloaded before and open it.

[Section 1]

Step-1 Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock; you’ll find these options at Settings >>> Developer options. V.I.Step

-If you didn’t see the developer options on your settings menu, then go to about >>> build number; click on the “Build Number” row for about ten times constantly to activate “Developer Option” on your device.

Step-2Power off your cell phone

Step-3: After min, boot into downloading mode.

*Old Samsung phones: press and hold Power + Home + Volume down for about 5 seconds.

*New Samsung phones: press and hold Power + Bixby + Volume down for about 5 seconds.

Step-4: After the previous step, you will find this screen, just press Volume up to continue.

Step-5: connect your cell phone into your PC with the included USB cable

Step-6: after downloading USB driversOdinfirmware file, as we have mention before in section Pre-Installation, and plugging the cell phone into your pc, Odin will recognize your mobile phone and show Added message as the img below.

Step-7: Click on PDA (AP) bottom and select .tar.md5 file you have downloaded and extracted in step-4, in section pre-installation.

Step-8: Just click start.

V.I Note Do not never turn off your pc while installing the Rom, or unplug the USB cable form the device.

Step-9: after finishing flashing, you will get a Green Message in the left corner telling you pass, congratulation ! you have installed your ROM.


After installing the firmware successfully, you should make a Format Reset to your device, to ensure removing and wiping the remaining unnecessary date, cash.

Now let's do this.

Step-1: Power off the cell pohne.

Step-2Boot into Recovery mode by Pressing and holding Volume Down + Home bottom + Power bottom together for about 5 sec 

Step-3: Now select Wipe data/Factory reset


Step-3: Then select Wipe cash partition

Step-4Once you have cleared the Cash, Data Just Reboot system now

[Important notes]

  • PDA has no importance at all, so you can download any firmware for your phone as long as your mobile model is exactly the same as SM-A505F.
  • Region is not important for you, you can flash your phone with any firmware's region.
  • This is the latest and official firmware form Samsung.

[Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)]

(Q)/can i flash my mobile with other countries' firmware ?
(A)/yes, of course but you have to make sure that you model is exactly the same

(Q)/how can i get my model number ?
(A)/go to settings/about will see you model number.

(Q)/will i lose OTA updates (air updates) ?
(A)/no, you will be ably yo update your phony via OTA.

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